Under the same roof, like a family

It is not just delicious food
to make a good dining table

People there are also important spices
that influence the taste

We will always welcome you with the feeling of
"Welcome back" at any time

For you tired from work, with a gentle taste that survives the body.
As much as you like great food for you who made a special effort.

まThink of your own menu as if to entertain your family,
and deliver it to the "table" together with your feelings

Everyday life of "distinctive"

I would like you to make ordinary daily life
as irreplaceable as you can feel the usual days
shining like sparkling

A day that is nothing special on a special day.
Every precious celebration is unforgettable for the rest of my life.

We will deliver "As usual" with the important person
next to us at an unforgettable time.

House restaurant where you can come back as "I'm home"

It was a day when there were happy things or a day when I was not feeling well.
The usual day that will be the usual milestone of the day as usual

I would like to be a place
where I want to "come back" at any time

For celebrations in which we want to call 100 guests,
we also have a "place" where people can connect
with small groups of friends with unfriendly friends
and private time with important friends.

Omotesando bamboo suggests "everyday" is a space
that makes the usual special as usual

Straight to what you want to eat

Omotesando bamboo's table is always
full of fresh ingredients

Seasonal vegetables coloring dishes,
fish and shellfishes just purchased at Tsukiji are carefully made use of freshness.
Carefully selected meat, keep it simple and simple

In the kitchen, we will create your own dining table that can only be tasted at that time,
with a feeling on the "Recommended menu for the day"
that changes every day to respond to your "want to eat!"